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Updated over a week ago integrates with Zoom and Telegram bot. When a new Zoom meeting is created, a link for the meeting will be sent to Telegram bot.

This is useful for automating communication with your team. You can schedule meetings and a short join URL will be automatically sent to the team members at a needed time.

Below is the instruction that describes steps on how to customize the integration.

1. Go to Make.

2. Click "Create a new Scenario."


3. Look for Zoom, choose it and Continue.

4. Click on the circle and opt for Zoom.

5. Choose Create a Meeting.

6. Click Add and configure your Zoom account. Learn where to copy your API key and API secret here:

7. Fill in necessary fields.

8. Add new module.

9. Search for

10. Opt for Create Link.

11. Click Add and specify your API key:

12. Fill in the necessary fields > OK.

13. Add another Module.

14. Search for Telegram Bot.

15. Select Send a Text Message or Reply action.

17. Click Add and specify needed values.

18. Fill in the necessary fields > OK. Here's how to find the chat ID:

19. Run once and remember to turn on the integration.

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