If you don't have a personal branded domain, you can buy the domain via Short.io. Short.io doesn't earn money on selling domain names. We sell domains by their price on domain registrars.

The advantage of buying a domain via Short.io is that no configuration steps are required. The domain will be automatically activated.

Important: After a domain is bought, you receive an email from the domain registrar with a request to verify your contact information. Do not forget to do it in 15 days. Otherwise, the registry will suspend your domain.

Follow the instruction for how to buy a new branded domain via Short.io:

  • If you don't have a Short.io account:

1. Sign up for free.

2. Input your email address.

3. Buy a domain.

  • If you already have an account:

1. Go to your Short.io account.

2. Open User Menu.


3. Choose Add domain.


4. Choose Buy Short Domain

5. Specify a domain and select an available one, by clicking on a cart.


6. Fill in billing information.


7. Click "Proceed." Your credit card will be charged for the new domain, and a receipt will be sent via email.

Note: After buying a domain, wait up to 4 hours for its activation. When your domain is active, create and share short branded links.

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