If you don't a have a personal branded domains, you can buy a domain vis Short.io. Short.io doesn't earn money on selling domain names. We sell domains by their price on domain registrars.

The advantage of buying a domain via Short.io is that no configuration steps are required. The domain will be automatically activated.

Important: After you buy a domain, you will receive an email from the domain registry with a request to verify your contact information. Do not forget to do it in 15 days. Otherwise, the registry will suspend your domain.

Follow the instruction for how to buy a new branded domain via Short.io:

  • If you still don't have a Short.io account:

1. Sign up for free.


2. Input your email address.


3. Buy a domain.

  • If you already have an account:

1. Go to your Short.io account.

2. Open User Menu.


3. Choose Add domain.


4. Choose Buy Short Domain

5. Specify a domain and select an available one, by clicking on a cart.


6. Fill in billing information.


7. Click "Proceed." Your credit card will be charged for the new domain, and a receipt will be sent via email.

Note: After buying a domain, wait at least 10 minutes for its activation. When your domain is active, create and share short branded links.

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