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How Can I Add a Domain?
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Updated over a week ago makes it easy to work with several domains or subdomains simultaneously. Our service allows you to create short links for the number of domains/subdomains provided in your price plan. In just one click you can switch between your domains and track individual audiences for each brand, website or client.

You can interact with both domains and subdomains in one account.

This feature is available for all plans on You can try this feature with the Free Plan to see how convenient and simple it is.

If you don’t have a domain our service has another great feature - a free subdomain registration at a * domain.

How to add personal branded domain

1. Log into

2. Open User Menu.

3. Choose Add domain.

4. Choose a type of a domain.


Down below you can find a video tutorial on adding and setting up the domain for link shortening:

(Video courtesy of Ryder Cragie)

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