It is not necessary to register a new domain name for shortening links if you own one that works properly. Create a subdomain using a domain you already have.

Before using Cloudflare for a subdomain, enable the service for your main domain.

When your main domain is active in Cloudflare, add a subdomain.

1. Log into your Cloudflare account.

2. Select your domain.

3. Select the DNS icon.


4. Add two A-records:

- A-record; your subdomain Host; IP address.

- A-record; your subdomain Host; IP address.


5. Go to your account.

6. Open the User menu and choose "Add a domain.


7. Choose the third option — Add my own domain


8. Specify a domain and confirm that this domain is dedicated only for shortening links.


9. Go to your domain settings to check if the domain is active.

Important: Wait a few hours and refresh a domain status in domain settings.


10. After the domain is active, feel free to shorten links and enjoy

The video guide helps to configure a subdomain.

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