With "Password protection," you can limit access to your website.

After users click on a short protected link, they have to enter a correct password to reach the content. Otherwise, they face the error: "The password is incorrect."

The advantage of the feature is that the password-protected page is ignored by crawlers.

If your visitors have an issue entering the password, you can allow them to contact you via the email address you use in Short.io.

Note: Password protection is available starting from the Personal plan.

1. Log in to Short.io.

2. Shorten a link. Click on 'Password protection'

  • If the link is already created, open the page for editing.

3. Click on the "Password protection" tab.

4. Enable a password by clicking a toggle switch. Input the password.

5. Save.

To brand the password page, add custom CSS.

For this:

1. Click Customize CSS

2. Choose Custom CSS tab

3. Add CSS and click Save.

Here're the examples on how to override CSS styles: http://help.short.io/en/articles/5015540-custom-css-examples-for-password-page

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