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How to Use Mobile Targeting
How to Use Mobile Targeting
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Redirect users to different URLs depending on the OS. One short link that redirects users to two different links. One links for iOS users, the second for Android users.

Note: Mobile targeting is available in every price plan.

Note: Apply the feature to create mobile deep links. Add an app package name for the Android link and scheme-based URL for iOS. This helps to forward visitors straight to the appropriate page of a mobile app like Instagram, YouTube and others. Details:

How to set up Mobile Targeting

1. Log in to

2. Shorten a link. Click on iOS or Android icon.

  • If the link is already created, open a page for editing.

iOS Targeting

3. Choose the "iOS Targeting" tab.

4. Specify a URL to which you want to redirect Apple users > Save.

Android Targeting

5. Open the "Android targeting" tab.

6. In the Android targeting you can not only specify a URL to which you want to redirect Android users, but also add advanced settings so that a mobile app opens at the necessary page.

Note: The mobile should have been installed on a mobile device.

6.1. Specify just a URL.

6.2. Add advanced settings to open a mobile app at the necessary page.

7. Save

After that, iOS and Android users will click on one short URL and will be redirected to 2 different links.

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