The “Link expiration” feature redirects users to a new destination URL after an old one has expired. It happens without changing the short link.

You set a long link and the time when it should be updated. When the link loses its relevance, users are automatically redirected to a new destination URL.

If you do not set the expiration URL, customers will face an error page with the following message: “THE LINK YOU ARE TRYING TO ACCESS HAS EXPIRED.”

Note: Link expiration requires at least the Personal plan.

1. Log in to

2. Shorten a link. Click on 'Set expiration date' icon.

  • If a link is already created, open the page for editing.

3. Choose the "Set expiration date" tab.

4. Specify the date and time, when the link is expired.

5. Input a new destination URL to the "Expiration URL" field.

6. Save.

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