Most websites use the pieces of information, which are relevant only for particular users. However, sometimes customers meet inconveniences facing the data, which doesn't concern them.

To avoid being confused, provides the Geo-targeting feature. Redirect users to the relevant web pages depending on their location. Geo-targeting includes country and region targeting.

The advantage of Geo-targeting is that you can choose countries and regions in bulk instead of adding them one by one.

Note: Country targeting requires the Personal plan; Region targeting — the Team plan.

1. Log in to

2. Shorten a link. Click on 'Geo-targeting'

  • If a link is already created, open the page for editing.

  • Click the "Geo-targeting" tab.

3. Choose some countries/regions, and specify a needed URL for them, then click 'Add'

4. Here's the result.

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