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How to Run an A/B Test
How to Run an A/B Test
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The A/B testing method evaluates the performance of two variants of a web page, as well as compares them with each other. Split testing also helps to assess the effectiveness of page changes, for example, after adding new design elements or calls to action.

With, you can test which version of a web page performs better. When clicking a short link, 50% of users will be redirected to the original page, the other 50% โ€” to the variation page. 50% is a default value, you can change it to any other.

The instruction on how to create an A/B Test:

1. Log in to your account.

2. Shorten a link. Then click on 'Customize' or press E.

  • If a link is already created, open the window for editing.

3. Open the "A/B Testing" tab.

4. The original URL is set by default after shortening. Specify a variation page.

5. If you need, change the percentage of redirected users to another URL. By default it's 50%.

6. Click Save

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