Facebook Pixel is a piece of code, which you paste to your website to measure and customize the audience for advertising campaigns.

To connect Facebook Pixel to Short.io, you don’t need to be a developer or know all about codes. The only thing you should do is to input Facebook Pixel ID to Short.io settings.

Note: Facebook Pixel and Short.io integration requires the Personal Plan.

Short.io and Facebook Pixel create an additional action to optimize audience for showing ads. Facebook shows the ads only for those people who have clicked a short branded link. As a result, users who were earlier interested in your brand are most likely to complete the action on your website.

Facebook Pixel and Short.io provide you with profound insights into promoting strategy. You can observe both the conversion rate and the click-through rating. The analytical data is represented in Facebook Ads manager and Short.io statistics.

Straight to the video guide or follow the instruction:

2. Open Menu and choose Pixels in Measure&Report block.


3. Copy your Pixel ID.


4. Go to your Short.io account.

5. Open Domain Settings.

Click Tracking.

6. Paste Pixel ID to the "Facebook Pixel ID" field.


7. Save.

Video Guide

Now a pixel is active and you'll see statistics on Facebook Pixel ID page.

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