Eventbrite is an easy-to-use service for spreading news and sharing the information about your events, such as workshops, exhibitions, shows. Using Eventbrite, set up events and sell tickets online.

To attract more visitors, shorten URLs for events. Short.io provides an integration with Zapier. When a new event is added, a link for the event is automatically shortened.

Straight to the video guide or follow the instruction.

1. Go to Zapier.

2. Choose Make a Zap.


3. Search for Eventbrite and click its icon.


4. Choose a necessary event depending on your needs. Continue.


5. Connect your Eventbrite account.


6. When your account is on, continue.


7. Choose the organization. Continue.


8. Pick a sample of the event to test.


9. Now you need to add an action. Search for Short.io and click its icon.


10. Choose the action and continue.


11. If you configure this Zap for the first time, you need to connect Short.io account.

12. Go to your Short.io account or https://app.short.io/settings/integrations/api-key

13. Open User Menu.


14. Choose the "Integrations & API" tab.


15. Copy Secret API key.

16. Paste the API key to connect Short.io account. Continue.


17. When account is on, continue.

18. Fill in necessary fields to send a short link. Continue.


19. Send a test to make sure you've made a correct setup.

Important: Turn on your Zap.

After you create a new event, Zapier will automatically send a new short URL to the Short.cm dashboard. Thus, in one go you can get event web-page and brief link to it.

Video Guide

Watch the video-guide to learn how to launch Eventbrite Zap.

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