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How to Hide Referrer
How to Hide Referrer
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The hiding referrer tool is used if you don’t want the destination owner to know that the user came from your website. E.g., when the owners of the destination website view Google Analytics reports, they will see clicks coming from your website. With hiding referrer, the owners of the destination domain will not see your traffic sources. Such a blank referrer increases the privacy of your site. provides the feature of replacing the original referrer URL with your short domain. The destination owners will not be able to detect the source the users are coming from.

Learn the instruction on how to enable the "Hide referrer" feature on

1. Go to your account.

2. Open Domain Settings tab.

3. Put a check on the "Replace the original referrer URL with your short domain."

4. Save.

Note: Hiding referrer includes an intermediate page on the free plan. Upgrade your account to remove it.

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