How to Use the API
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Updated over a week ago API docs are based on using an API key. With the API key, you are allowed to use API docs and features. Moreover, API keys let check for what purpose the API is used. This helps to avoid facing frauds.

For passing the authentication process, you need to send an API key as Authorization header. Each registered user will find his/her API key in the “Integrations & API” page.

Note: API is available in every price plan. The only requirement is to be a user.

With API, you can request the following operations:

  • to request a domain list;

  • to add/delete a domain;

  • to apply features;

  • to get the original URL;

  • to shorten a long link;

  • to shorten links in bulk;

  • to edit the title or short path of the original URL;

  • to delete a URL;

  • to observe the statistics of the shortened URL.

Test the codes straight on the page by clicking "Try it out."

API Limits

  • We have 20-50 RPS limit for our API calls to protect from DoS attack.

  • You can create 1000 links per one API call (1 API call per 5 sec).

Find out more about API [API references].

API Guides

Here you will find detailed instructions on how to make API request:

Used languages: Python, Node.js, Ruby.

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