Have an awesome idea for Short.io? Share it with us to have it sent to engineers.

If you're missing a feature on Short.io, make a request and track its implementation. Short.io appreciates every customer, so we want our service to be customer-friendly for everybody.

When you notice a feature you really need to make your work process more productive on Short.io, just leave a request.

A link for a public Short.io board: https://feedback.short.io/

The service for leaving feature requests is awesome. You can add a request, track its implementation, vote for the request that other customers have left, receive notification when your request is completed.


1. Feature Requests - see the existed feature requests.

2. Planned - the requests that are approved and are going to be implemented.

3. In Progress - the one that are took to work.

4. Complete - finished requests.

Feature Requests

1. Create a Post - leave a feature request you're missing on.

2. Vote for the previously left requests.

What Makes a Good Feature Request

Before leaving a feature request, think about how it helps to improve Short.cm. The left request must meet some requirements:

1. A feature has to be useful both for you and other customers.
2. Describe what you want to achieve when using a feature.

An example of an appropriate request: It takes much time to add the UTM term parameter manually. Please, add it to bulk import.

An example of an appropriate request: I think excluding IP addresses from Short.cm statistics would be a useful feature.

What Makes a Bad Feature Request

We, the Short.cm Team, hope that our customers realize that the request will be considered and will not be implemented in case of violation of rules. Please, try to avoid feature requests that:

1. Break the Short.cm rules of Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
2. Break the third-party services' rules of Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
3. Affect the present Short.cm features.

An example of an inappropriate feature request: I would like a feature to access Facebook if banned.

An example of an inappropriate feature request: Please, implement a feature to let me mask URLs that produce spam.

Wrapping Up

Short.cm takes care of every customer and the whole service itself. Nevertheless, we can do even better. We have a long list of improvements to make, and our team works on them every day. Dive into growth with us!

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