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How to Configure SSO via OneLogin
How to Configure SSO via OneLogin
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Updated over a week ago supports Okta, AWS SSO, PingFederate, Onelogin, ADFS and other SAML-compatible providers to configure SSO.

Note: SSO is available on the Enterprise Plan.

Straight to the video guide or follow the instruction on how to configure SSO via OneLogin.

1. Go to

2. Open User Menu > Teams.

3. Click Setup SSO.

4. Choose OneLogin as SSO provider, specify your company name as Connection Identifier => Create integration.

5. Edit the SSO connection.

Now you need to get SSO data: Connection Identifier, Identity Provider URL, Identity Provider Issuer and X509 Certificate. For this:

6. Log in to your OneLogin account. Open admin. The admin URL looks like:

7. Choose Applications > Applications.

8. Add App

9. Search for SAML > Choose SAML Test Connector

10. Edit the Display name to any you want, for example, the name of your company > Save.

11. Choose SSO from the left.

12. Copy Issuer URL and paste it to to the field "Identity Provider Issuer".

13. Copy SAML 2.0 Endpoint and paste it to to the field "Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL".

14. Click View Details to get X509 Certificate.

15. Copy certificate and paste it to to the field X509 Signing Certificate. Important: Do not remove BEGIN CERTIFICATE and END CERTIFICATE.

16. When the fields are filled, click Create Integration.

Everything is done. Log in to via SSO. In case any issues, please, contact support.

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