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How to Set Up Social Media Preview
How to Set Up Social Media Preview
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Open Graph is a protocol that allows you to customize a generated preview data when you share a link on social networks.

Important: Social Media Preview is available starting from the Personal plan.

Most important tags:

  • og: title — page title;

  • og: type — the type of page content;

  • og: image — the path to the cover image;

  • og: description — text description of the page will be displayed below the image;

  • og: URL — link to the page.

1 Go to your account.

2. Shorten a link > Click Social Media.

3. Specify the needed tags.

4. Save.

How to Check if Open Graph Works

Facebook provides a mini service Sharing Debugger to check how the link's preview looks after you've added Open Graph settings.

By pasting the link to the address bar and clicking "debug," you will see all the information that Open Graph pulled to display the link in social networks.

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