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What is Link Automation limit?
What is Link Automation limit?
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Link Automation - is the term for links created via API, Bulk Create or Link Import.

on Free plan it is 1,000 links;
on Personal plan - 10,000 links/year;

on Team plan - 100,000 links/year;

on Enterprise plan - unlimited.

For Personal and Team plan - Link Automation limit refreshes annually, so you can create new links within the limit without the need to upgrade your plan.

When the Link Automation limit refreshes?

For users registered before or during November 2022 - the limit will be refreshed in the 1st week of November 2023.

For users registered in December 2022 or later - the limit will be refreshed in the same day you have registered, but 1 year later.

For example: if you have signed up on 8 March 2023 - your Link Automation limit refreshes on 8 March 2024 00:00 (UTC).

How can I verify that Link Automation limit refreshed?

Proceed to Account Settings -> Price Plan tab.

On the Links, created by API counter you should see 0 used out of your plan limit:

After that, you can create up to 10,000 new automation links on Personal plan, or up 100,000 links on Team plan.

Please note – if you have created more than 100,000 links on Team plan, or more than 10,000 links on Personal plan during the last year, your Link Automation limit will be refreshed, but you still won't be able to generate new links.

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