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The right URL shortening service can make or break your marketing strategy. With a proven track record, reliable service, fixed pricing, and many other benefits, remains the preferred choice for quality and dependability.

Proven Track Record has been trusted by top corporations globally for over 8 years. We flawlessly handle over 13 million redirects daily and support over 100,000 happy customers.

Reliable Service is equipped to efficiently and effectively handle unexpected challenges, such as high loads or DDoS attacks. We prioritize reliable service with transparent incident reporting so you know that your links work for you 24/7. More importantly, our Status Page and Incident History tracker show our commitment to transparency and your trust.

Without these crucial details, users are uncertain about any platform’s ability to maintain stability under challenging circumstances. Even just a quick shortage could mean you’re losing thousands, if not millions, of clicks to your links.’s status page only displays incident history starting from March 2024. This limited historical data may suggest a lack of transparency and indicates that company is in early stages of development and hasn't experienced any Stress Test yet, therefore it's unknown how the system will behave. As a result, users may find it difficult to gauge the platform’s long-term reliability and performance.

Fixed Pricing for All Levels

We know that businesses run on a fixed budget; that’s why prides itself on providing transparent and predictable pricing for all customers. We remain steadfast in our commitment to consistent pricing without hidden fees or surprises. Our fixed pricing structure will give you peace of mind, so you know what to expect day in and day out., on the other hand, recently went through a significant price bump. Their previous pro plan was available at $9.00 per month—a stark contrast to the current $24 per month they are currently offering.

Furthermore, offers a fixed monthly cost, even for our Enterprise Plan. This starkly contrasts with, which requires a contact form for its Enterprise Plan. This makes it difficult for high-paying customers to gauge the fairness of their pricing compared to others, as their pricing structure is neither fixed nor public.

Customer Service

The internet never sleeps, so neither should your link provider. delivers 24-hr Monday-Friday instant Chat support, ensuring all your queries and issues are resolved sooner. Whether you’re on a Free account or an Enterprise client,’s excellent customer service is here for you.

On the other hand, limits its support to real-time chat support for higher-paying customers; you get less if you’re on the Free or Pro plan. And even if you’re an Enterprise client, you still need to go through a third-party channel to reach support as quickly as possible.

It’s not a good sign if chat support team logs off for the day and you need help right now.

Educational and Non-profit discount policy

Also, it's great to know that both shorteners seek to help non-profits. However, goes the extra mile by providing a 50% discount for non-profits and educational organizations, compared to's 25% discount.

This substantial discount from underscores its commitment to supporting charitable and educational endeavors, making it a superior choice for organizations seeking to maximize their budget while benefiting from comprehensive link management services.

Trial and refund policy provides a free 7 day trial on any plan, which can be prolonged to 30 days on request. states that no trials are offered. is always on the client side, and if cancellation and refund are reasonable - we are open to resolve any case. doesn't offer such flexibility and refund is not an option, regardless of circumstances.

Missing Important Features claims to have the most generous free plan, but free plan offers more features, including some from’s paid plan. Furthermore, provides free trials, ensuring a risk-free experience for customers.

Link Export offers link exports. This allows to keep track of your links, organize into custom collections for internal needs, and also to have a backup.

You don't have to manually retrieve each shortened link and input them into your software of choice. Doing so manually is time-consuming, prone to errors, and nearly impossible if you have hundreds or thousands of links.

It is unclear whether offers this. If you go through list of services, there isn’t any indication of link export, no guide in Help Center on this either.

This lack of feature is unfortunate, as link exports are crucial.

Information Security ensures data privacy with a detailed Privacy Policy and Terms.

We are proud to be ISO 27001 certified, SOC 2 examined, and GDPR compliant.

This is crucial, especially if you want to operate in the European Union, as any company that stores or processes personal information about EU citizens within EU states must comply with the GDPR, even if the company doesn't have a business presence within the EU. So, if you want to reach your European customers, you need GDPR-compliant websites and services; otherwise, you could be penalized.

In contrast, isn’t currently GDPR, ISO and SOC 2 compliant. While these may not be important to most users, professionals and corporations know how these certifications are crucial for protecting customer data. If your providers do not comply with standards, your data is at risk of being compromised, especially if you’re unsure about their operations.

Custom Social Media Cards and Advanced Analytics

Some competitors claim that lacks some features. But, in truth, offers some of the most comprehensive link shortening and link management plans online.

We do offer custom social media cards (Open Graph Metadata) across all plans, allowing customization of link preview on social media.

We also offer advanced analytics across all plans—up to 50,000 clicks for Free users and unlimited clicks for all paid plans.

Our analytics display country, city, OS and referrer data for each click.

Reliable, Affordable, and Trustworthy is the go-to tried and tested solution over for your link management needs. With our proven track record, reliable service, fixed pricing, and commitment to transparency and compliance with industry standards, offers unmatched quality and dependability.

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