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How to Connect my Cloudflare Domain with (
How to Connect my Cloudflare Domain with (
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Cloudflare is a connection between a domain registrar and a user. If you have a domain, which you want to connect to, Cloudflare may become your DNS configurator.

Important: If your main domain has a website - please configure a subdomain instead.

Learn the instruction below on how to configure a domain name with Cloudflare.

1. Sign in to Cloudflare.

2. Add your domain to Cloudflare.


3. Choose a price plan > Continue.

4. Delete all existing A-records and add two A-records to connect the domain with

- A record; @ Host; IP address.

- A record; @ Host; IP address.

Important: Proxy status should be set to DNS only


5. Log in to your domain registrar.

Note: The example of a domain registrar is GoDaddy.

6. Replace nameservers on the domain registrar with the Cloudflare ones.

  • Go to your domain registrar > Next to the necessary domain choose DNS settings.

  • Change existing nameservers.

  • Enter custom Cloudflare nameservers.

  • Add the nameservers.


7. Wait a few hours and click "Re-check Nameservers."


8. When the domain is active on Cloudflare > Go to your account.

9. Open the User menu and choose "Add domain."


10. Choose the third option โ€” Add my own domain


11. Specify a domain and confirm that this domain is dedicated only for shortening links.


12. Go to your domain settings to check if the domain is active. Refresh a domain status in 1-2 hours if the domain is still inactive.

Note: Wait a few hours and refresh a domain status in domain settings.

Important: If the domain is inactive in 3-4 hours:

  • Click on the yellow clouds on DNS settings to enable DNS-only status.


13. After the domain is active, feel free to shorten links and enjoy

Watch a step-by-step video instruction to avoid obstacles while configuring a domain.

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