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How to Create Short Branded Links on Pinterest
How to Create Short Branded Links on Pinterest
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With Google Chrome Extension and Pinterest, share your favorite pins and personal boards with your friends or colleagues.

Via Pinterest, users find helpful information and save it for further use by creating boards. Also, you can promote your business or a personal brand, thanks to Pinterest, by posting exciting recommendations that are designed visually appealing. Chrome Extension makes it easy to create branded links on Pinterest in several clicks and leveraging URLs for sharing pins.

Note: To start shortening links on Pinterest, make sure you have an account on and Pinterest.

How to Customize

Straight to the video guide.

When using Google Chrome, it's easy to create short URLs on Pinterest. Add the Google Chrome Extension, shorten a link on Pinterest, share a branded link.

1. Add the Extension: Add.

2. Open a favorite pin you want to share with.

3. Click on the extension icon.


4. Log in.


5. Shorten a page.


6. Customize a slug and copy.


7. Share with your friends and colleagues.

Video Guide

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