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How to Create Branded Links on Buffer | Shorten URLs for Buffer
How to Create Branded Links on Buffer | Shorten URLs for Buffer
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With Google Chrome Extension and Buffer, create every post with custom branded links and send posts to all of your social media accounts in a matter of seconds.

Buffer is a useful application for scheduling and posting to all your social media accounts at once. As a default state, Buffer shortens links with its generic domain "" However, you can change settings to no shortening and create short URLs on your branded domain. Chrome Extension makes it easy to shorten links in several clicks and leveraging them for scheduling posts.

Important: To start shortening links on Buffer, make sure you have an account on and Buffer.

How to Customize

When using Google Chrome, it's easy to create short URLs on Buffer. Add the Google Chrome Extension, shorten a link directly on a web page, paste a new link on Buffer.

Straight to the video guide or follow the instruction:

1. Go to your Buffer account.

2. Add the Extension: Add

3. Open a web page for shortening.

4. Log in to your account.


5. Shorten a link.


6. Customize > Copy.


7. Paste on Buffer.


8. Send/schedule.

Video Guide

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