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How to Export Short Links from Bitly
How to Export Short Links from Bitly
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Bitly is the largest link shortener company, and many businesses use it. However, some users can consider migrating links to other services.

Free Bitly users do not have the functionality to export links: Bitly Export Links Data. So, what to do in case you need a list of your bitlinks for some reporting purposes or migrating to another shortening service.

Here is a way for exporting links from Bitly to The idea is that when you change an IP of a short domain, will get links from Bitly after any user clicks a link.

Learn the instruction below on how to transfer export data from Bitly to your account.

1. Add your current Bitly domain to
2. Go to your DNS registrar of a short domain.
3. Edit A-record referred to your domain – change the IP address from Bitly's one to ( IP).

The DNS will be changed at once, but check the domain status on for sure. If the domain is active, the import process has started.

How does the export Bitly data work

When a user clicks a bitlink, the link is automatically transferred to the account. The next time a user clicks another Bitly link, it will also appear in the URL list. This is until all the Bitly links are transferred to

Note: Only active bitlinks will be imported to An active link is a short URL that has at least one click after you've changed the IP address.

In a month, when all active links will be imported, switch IP to ( IP address).

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