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How to Set up SSO (Single Sign-On)
How to Set up SSO (Single Sign-On)
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Single Sign-on requires the Enterprise plan. As a corporate administrator, you may allow members of a corporate email to log into without registration. With SSO, makes the identity-verification process, so your team members may log in without creating a password. currently supports G-Suite, ADFS, Office 365, Ping, One Login, Okta, Salesforce, SiteMider, SSOCircle and other SAML providers.

Follow the instruction to enable SSO:

1. Sign up to via your corporate email.

2. Add a domain for shortening links.

3. Configure a domain.

4. Choose the "Teams" tab.


5. Click Create Team.

6. Name your team.

7. Add the team domain.

8. Click Setup SSO.

9. Fill in the form and send. Team configures SSO within 24 hours.

and click Save:

Now, the corporate members may log in to using their corporate email or SSO configuration name

For this, they need:

1. Go to

2. Click on the "Log in" button.

3. Choose the Single Sign-On method.

4. Specify a corporate email and click enabled LOG IN button.

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