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How to Set up SSO (Single Sign-On)
How to Set up SSO (Single Sign-On)
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Single Sign-on requires the Enterprise plan. As a corporate administrator, you may allow members of a corporate email to log into without registration. With SSO, makes the identity-verification process, so your team members may log in without creating a password. currently supports G-Suite, ADFS, Office 365, Ping, One Login, Okta, Salesforce, SiteMider, SSOCircle and other SAML providers.

Follow the instruction to enable SSO:

1. Sign up to via your corporate email.

2. Add a domain for shortening links.

3. Configure a domain.

4. Choose the "Teams" tab.


5. Click Create Team.

6. Name your team.

7. Add the team domain.

8. Click Setup SSO.

9. Choose a provider.

10. Fill in the form and send. Team configures SSO within 24 hours.

Now, the corporate members may log in to using their corporate email.

For this, they need:

1. Go to

2. Click on the "Log in" button.

3. Choose the Single Sign-On method.

4. Specify a corporate email and click enabled LOG IN button.

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